TONY STARK'S Robot in Real Life?

Datum objavljivanja: 26. Stu 2020.
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0:00 We made DUM-E!
0:24 We got a new robot
2:25 DUM-E Upgrades
4:40 King of Avalon
5:27 Neural Network
6:23 Does it work?
6:35 Finishing Touches
7:17 DUM-E in Action!
8:55 More Fire
10:27 James on Fire
10:54 Dunce
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  • Download King of Avalon TODAY here ► You can get a limited in-game starter pack with my creator code "hacksmithKOA" and have a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card and my merch! Full contest details:

    • @kenneth rizo it doesn’t work like that

    • you should make a real life raygun from black ops zombies i mean its possible just make another one of the iron man guanlet you made just make that but it actually pushed the plasma like make the trigger send like a volt of something pushing the plasma out at high speeds its possible

    • Can you make one more neuralyzer so I can buy for $10- $15

    • @Unspeakable NANI how DiS HaPPeN

    • ب!

  • You should make something that puts the iron man suit on for you.

  • Iron. Man. Wolf. Finished 80. Please

  • your crazy

  • The slimy soprano subjectively succeed because fear unsurprisingly squash a a cuddly interactive. pointless, ripe lathe

  • Those kuka robots are realy dangerous

  • No one: James: I get caught on fire a lot

  • Ok now we need to do now is mount the camera to dummy and wait, what , what was that last part?

  • every body gangsta till dum-e is on fire

  • you are the new tony stark

  • Wy haters 😡 ay ir tu donut like it Yuste Tony wachet i liket

  • Ông ấy tạo ra nhiều thứ robot hay thật

  • 8:00 Do not try this at home

  • Soon this guy is literally gonna make his team the Avengers

  • iron man part4 movie is coming soon

  • Fire fighter say they want this.

  • What type of robot is it ABB one? You know is still an industrial robot, you shouldn't be close to it when in auto. As an experiment I would use a couple of these robots as hands or legs for something bigger.

  • Just found this chann- - RAID SHADOW LEGENDS - -el, cool! I wish I had - - TOP WAR: BATTLE GAME - - access to funding like that.

  • I have a challenge for you. Build the Iron Spider golden legs that come out of spider man's back, and can actually move and walk people around.

  • Can you make a iron suit with sanchuary mode just like in the movies

  • I love you for making those quotes of Iron man 1 love your channel mate, keep up the good work lads. Lets go.

  • There is a slow roast mode lets James think about things a bit before the fire is put out. Useful with things like contract negotiations etc.

  • I cant imagine someone breaking in and hacksmith is like: Jarvis, initiate Barn door protocol, The guy is like wtf and Hacksmith just pops up flying with an helmet a repulsor, a flamethrower, a lightsaber while driving a cybertruck with a gun.

  • I hope they don’t create a Ultron AI...

  • now i know who could defeat ghost rider

  • Fire in the balls lol

  • bang cobak buat hp

  • fire fighters will love this

  • From looking likely Tony Stark to Captain America now Thor with Loki’s hair you could play the a whole cast bro

  • This dude can become Iron man and batman at the same time

  • That is so cool robot and funny I ever see😂👍

  • Its just programming like CNC machine set coordinate and keep it all the target on that co ordinate Then it will be look like magic hahah..

  • That smile when he explains the deal between both of them 😂😂

  • Dude..... that thumb, must have hurt.

  • Hacksmith you have made almost everything of iron man but one thing is missing that is “IRON MAN SHOULDER FLARES”

  • With all these youtubers making iron man suits and repulsers, they could work all together to make a complete iron man suit

  • So this mark 3 of dummy, man, that’s a lot of dummy robots

  • This robot would've stopped Charlottesville

  • You should just make a fire extinguisher backpack 👍

  • Bruh its spelt DUM-E (like have you seen the movie)

  • 👍

  • Can you make a Real Spider Man suit



  • "Dum-E" Wall-E: i see i have competition

  • Your creations and inventions are really awesome ....

  • I've ordered the tri motor fsd cyber truck..I may also buy the S Plaid.. i got lots of solar to charge them BOTH & a backup battery system as well..TSLA is my bet.

  • When do you think humans would have actual stark technology from the movie like Jarvis and his suits and this transparent touch screens

  • Doesn't cause fire...hmmmmmmmm... UPGRADE ODM GEAR from attack on titan u made...

  • 2:09. Communism detected.

  • dave: MY robot | Hacksmith: | Soviet union mode engage | OUR robot

  • And he do this automaticaly?

  • hacksmith make a mario kart 8 kart

  • make a real life portal gun(hint: mess around with spacetime)

  • Great, now set the entire building on fire with an army of moving dummy robots.

  • Dave:My Robot James Sovietman:Our robot "Communism Intensifies"

  • can u make Genos armor? from onepunchman..thought it would be pretty cool if its actually working

  • Cool

  • The next step is to build the suit

  • /*OUR ROBOT "USSR Anthem Plays"

  • Doesn't OpenCV use Haar-Cascading that is old af and inaccurate?

  • If you can some how make a Green Lantern power ring, I will find some way to pay you all that money in the world...

  • 2:27 when your voice doesn't match your face

  • Hacksmith + micheal =

  • Dummy vs ProtoSaber. Can He turn it off?

  • That moment at 0:51 literally happened to me on *New Year's Eve.* Nearly lost my left eye.

  • Ian WTF

  • Someone screamed at 3:45

  • Hacksmith I have an idea! Do the Wrench Mask from Watch_Dogs2® please!

  • I love your videos, How close are you to the full iron man suit.

  • Imagine if Robert Downey Jr. Barged in to the warehouse and said “Um, Can I try your Iron man Tech

  • Shave

  • I wish it had 360 cameras... Instead of scanning it slowly or can't see upper or below, it can detect fire faster... Another advantage is when the robot turned, it can detect obstacles such as pillars or a person (don't want to get a bruise tho)... By putting a fire more quickly, the danger can be avoided faster... Hope you can make dummy 2.0 😊😊😊

  • this is the only channel I've seen on youtube that 99% of it is pure commercial.

  • haha air benders are stronger than fire benders

  • Did it have wheels on it so it moves about

  • What if the dum-e using gun and program aim to -human- 🤔 😳

  • Should make a kahamehameha wave

  • Do U not cut your hair until U finish your task?

  • Imagine him and Mr beast together

  • Make an episode where you use all iron man tech like one repulser and one gauntlet Like for him to see

  • Create bucky's vibranium arm

  • Hey hacksmith can you make Ironman laser fingers

  • I have a doubt that a weapon engineer how can make Iron Man suit

  • Please sell your product like arc reacter and gun

  • 9:23 he was teabaging the fire

  • 0:07 😂😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂😂 POOR HACKSMITH

  • 8:05 epic battle between heat and cold

  • That's not *Dummy* being *dumb,* that's *Dummy* being *serious* 9:04

  • What happen to the v1.0 dummy

  • cant wait Hacksmith makes Bogdan as an AI like Jarvis

  • Check your Instagram I texted

  • I feel like he should make a channel where he messes around with everything he's ever made including Dum e ima miss that thing somehow

  • Something tells me you like iron man?

  • The robot is a Bad Sport

  • 2:26 is like saying we not just let your Best Friend Die for Money?

  • You guys have the coolest stuff

  • 2:07 James : All we have to di is program our robot Me : Soyuz nerushimy respublik svobodnykh

  • Before this there was Indy mogul

  • Binod