Piloting a GIANT MECH!

Datum objavljivanja: 20. Kol 2020.
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0:00 Teaser
0:17 Intro
1:02 What Is Piloting A Mech All About?
2:37 Pilot Program Begins
3:20 Mech Pushups
4:07 Standing Up For The First Time
4:59 The Fastest Way To Read Books!
5:38 Learning How To Fall
7:25 Tripoding For The First Time!
7:52 Day 2 Of Training
8:27 Full Four Foot Float
9:35 Two Legit Steps
10:45 End Of Day Debrief
11:16 Final Day Of Training
11:40 Walking For The First Time
12:33 Training Debrief
14:57 James Gets His Mech License
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  • So we have AT-Walkers now huh?

  • Man what if they make the EVA unit someday?

  • Attack on titan reference

  • This robot walks like the beast titan

  • I want it😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Build a jaeger please (scrapper)

  • Does this mean instead robot wars, we'll get robot race wars?

  • Now I’m just waiting for him to build a working AT AT

  • Now, lets see the wild wild west spider build for make it real

  • these guys are making my dream true... a world with mechs in it... wish i could help them with it



  • Next make it real: Anime mech suits

  • Imagine In The Future There Will Be Full Body Robot Mech That would Be Awesome 😳

  • qwop

  • Now Zion is safe from the sentinels.

  • This thing looks like its straight out of pacific rim

  • 0:02 that's kinda fuck1ng creepy

  • Now this is racing!

  • 2050: I built the hulk buster!

  • I can't wait for Zordon to give the power coins to Hacksmith Industries, and you can use the Megazord to fight off people who make comic book villains real.

  • Why the hell hasn't the military developed stuff like this yet?

  • The neat limit minimally desert because microwave suprisingly frighten across a third potato. debonair, conscious ladybug

  • Now build a gundam

  • Despite the open frame this needs mirrors and CCV views of the spacial envmnt. Another help would be an overhead view representation of the legs and frame. The more intuitive information available the more pilots can be trained quickly.

  • "so what did you do during quarantine?" "i learned how to bake bread, you?" *"i drove a mech"*

  • We're getting closer to Real Steel

  • hacksmith a year later:so guys i just watch star and i decide to build a spaceship

  • Piloting a giant Crustacean Noice...

  • is there anything these lads cant build? they need 2score sum contracts w/ the DOD so they can all retire early

  • Next up: Turrican battle suit

  • More like mech curl ups

  • Imagine several years from now, a SWAT teams and military using these mech to fight criminals, terrorists and fighting in wars with guns on them.

  • next thing u know he inspired to make a franxx

  • It would be a great idea to implement AI to learn the movements and mannerisms of different users. The AI could also help to make most of the similar movements adapt and overcome quicker. Such as knowing how to step without dragging dirt and better ways to stabilize the cockpit as to not cause them too much fatigue

  • Don't mind me just mech training you know

  • Why people dislike this this is the coolest thing ever

  • Now we need an AT-ST

  • finally now i cant stub my toe on the door frame at 3 am while im going to get shredded cheese

  • To think that a couple years ago people were saying that we would not have hand held lasers until 2045

  • Looks for me Like the First Planeflight ... What Happens 30 years later

  • I feel like I’m watching Matrix: Revolutions but it’s actually good...

  • Reminds me of the Netflix series love death and robots....

  • my titanfall 2 senses are tingling...

  • I can imagine someone really bonding to this mech and moving freely like an organic being

  • I hope this inspires you guys to build an EVA irl :D

  • Wheres the 40mm launcher

  • Can i see this fight the lightsaber?

  • Star Captain Joanna would be so proud.

  • Racing this? Racing in 2 mph... Sounds fun!

  • Mega zords boys MEGA ZORDS

  • Seems like there needs to be some more AI supporting and ensuring you don’t do something incorrect.

  • "But who has time to read a hole book these days" Me: I like reading hole books

  • Remember when we thought a light saber was impossible and then he built one? Yea.. Just wait

  • All we need are some LRM20's and we can invade the Inner Sphere! And don't forget to pay the phone bill.

  • It's not titanfall, but close enough.

  • Jeez people are already making franxx’s

  • They should make a advanced version of this

  • They need to make a franxx

  • lmfao imagine ur in Iraq and this nigga pulls up

  • 2050 so I build a moving house control by remote control

  • Maybe i'm wrong but adjusting the seat to match the mech leg position would help. The legs are ape like (moving using both front and rear extension) positioned while James is nearly seated. He should be positioned more like on a motorbike, imho it would help a lot letting the brain "wire" the motions of arms and legs to the mech ones. The actual positioning sounds better for a biped mech whicim i think, it will take much more time to be perfected.

    • @Hacksmith Industries oh ok, thanks for the explanation. By the video I see you like If you're seated :| maybe because I'm looking it from my phone. :|

    • You rotate into that position, roll is one of the movement controls

  • Ok, I have question. Is that considered as an Iron Kong or a trunkless Elephander? I'm leaning towards the Iron Kong because of the wide body and uneven legs.

  • Amazing!🤩

  • Wolfenstein mech

  • I think at the future there will be an war robots

  • now just put some guns,bullet proof metal, glass and you got a walking war machine!

  • I feel this is like where drones were before computer gyros did all the hard work... Now they basically fly themself... Seems to me they have the mechanical worked out, just need some good old fashioned computer and software to make it much easier to drive.

  • I'm pretty sure he's not surviving on just HRwiki money.

    • Watch some more of my videos, like the latest one. It's all youtube. Nothing else

    • @Hacksmith Industries just an observation not trying to be a dick.

    • @Hacksmith Industries you. I don't know what a HRwikir makes but I would assume promotions and sponsers would be apart of it. Just a financial opinion.

    • Who

  • Bruh imagine this with armor and weapons

  • Make a mek from ark survival evolved!

  • I remember one video of one of those deep learning algorithms figuring out how to make a 3d model walk. I wonder if using something like that you can develop a program that would assist with the motion of the machine to help operators to use it more easily. This thing can have some really nice uses in civil engineering.

  • They should make one for children when they are completely done with this one

  • Can you actually make a real life maurader? You know like the same you one in the animated series starshiptroopers...

  • It looks like a robot elephant/gorilla

  • Hacksmith a month later: "So i was called to fight some mf megalon"

  • So how long until James becomes a member of the *Power Rangers?*

  • Now THIS is the future we were promised!

  • we come closer to advance tech

  • "So we partnered with Furrion Exo-Bionics and attached a 50 cal. automatic turret with heatseeking laser targeting, Armor Plating, and a high power auto-loading canon..."

  • i hope they mass produce these in the future so its dirt cheap.

  • soon this will be a sport

  • Looks like a prown suit irl

  • Lesson 8: Learn to wield a railway cannon.

  • This is not complete yet. It's missing the shoulder machine guns and plasma rifles.

  • hey hacksmith you are a genius

  • Hacksmith:so i got inspired and built the robot from black ops 2 origin's

  • Bruh mechs already this means there is no imposter among us the future is among us

  • chcę takie coś ! :D hmmm może zbudować sobie hmm

  • My question is how well this mech goes on uneven terrain, because I heard one of the main purposes of walker mechs is to be an all terrain vehicle.

  • As I sit here watching this all I see is a mecha elephant in the making.

  • *_E V E N I N D E A T H I S T I L L S E R V E_*

  • It actually looks a lot like a deathbringer from Horizon zero dawn.😂

  • Huh? A weapon to surpass Metal Gear?!!

  • Do y’all respond

  • Lol

  • it should be called the mammoth

  • this is so dope

  • This mech is the reason, why cars use WHEELS. You see how slow it is? Nothing like the super fast agile mechs in movies and anime.

  • 20 years from now and the metal gear lore might become reality