Legs or Treads? (POWER LOADER: PART 10)

Datum objavljivanja: 13. Kol 2020.
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0:00 Teaser
0:40 Intro
1:45 World of Tanks!
2:39 Jonathan Tippett Interview
5:17 Interlude
5:32 Matt Oehrlein Interview
8:00 Treads or Legs?
8:50 Bogdan's quest
10:22 Playing with Toys
10:55 Outro
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  • Play World of Tanks here: tanks.ly/3aiGPLJ and use code TANKTASTIC to unlock a T-127 Tank, 500 Gold, and 7 Days Premium Access for free! Thanks to World of Tanks for sponsoring this video.

  • I was looking at the legs of the actual power loader; could you make legs bigger, widder and heaverier?

  • Hacksmith: *visits somone who has a mech* Also hacksmith: IS FOR ME?

  • MAKE IT WALK OR IT DOESNT COUNT. THUMBS down for take a short cut on this project. Not a hater i just want to see somebody build a MECH.

  • Seeing as we can't get close to a real IronMan suit yet... could you maybe take one of their mech suits and make it in to the IronMonger suit? Gives you a bit more freedom of size!

  • Going from Aliens Power Loader to Guntank from Gundam

  • Man made a lightsaber wouldn't be surprised if he created inter-dimensional travel

  • 9:51 Yeah that's a WZ-121. I play World of Tanks Blitz.

  • This is not the Alien powerloader. Sorry, you have done a good job but if you don’t go that extra step and make it with legs then you have just given up and made it just like any other back yard scrapheap challenge.

  • Cool😬😤😤😠☠️☠️☠️👊

  • I love the laugh on the sligh shot channel xD

  • Legs legs legs legs legs legs

  • I gave up on watching two of your videos because you've crammed way too many adverts in. There's a point were watching multiple adverts for 11:00 minutes of content just isnt worth it. As soon as you start to pay attention its disrupted by nonsense. bad call.

  • Ceep scape or not a cool look

  • world of tanks is very funny i like it

  • why not do legs as the main form of motion and then during exertion on the mech and the pilot, for instance picking up a load, have multi-directional tracks on the feet. Use a large area for the feet with tracks or wheels to maintain a center of gravity. You keep the aesthetics of a humanoid look as well as have the mechanical advantage of tracks or wheels

  • 9:09 um that is not a tank bogdan its a army personnel carrier (apc)

  • Plz put legs

  • They got a cat skid steer cut the top off of it for anybody who hasn't seen the other video

  • without legs it's a megabots from wish

  • Anyone else realize how they bought a skid steer already and didn't use it or is it just me well they did use it they just forgot the thing has tracks on it I guess unless in the next episode they use there already existence skid steer tracks

  • FAIL!

  • Y not war robots

  • 11:05 Cyberdyne Systems wants to know your location.

  • booo i wont ed legs no like

  • make a flying car

  • yea, SHURE. you TECHNICALLY WERENT having a vacation on a YATCH, but you WERE having a vacation on a MECH.

  • You should do both and make two, one with a pair legs and another with treads

  • 💷💶💴💵

  • Since you based your bed pod off the hypersleep pods in the movie I have a funny suggestion. You should recreate the classic opening of the movie with that bed. Making it look like you got out of hypersleep for a job that requires the loader.

  • Treads are a good idea. Mainly because while it's not quite accurate to the movie, the movie itself takes place when the Weyland-Yutani was already a powerhouse for years. So odds are their first loader probably did have treads before they moved on to legs.

  • Yo

  • Минские товарищи уже здесь? Неожиданно

  • Nice.

  • Yay cool

  • 9:11 is that in Angus, Ontario?

  • This has been a great series. Nicely done working through all the challenges guys!

  • When are you working on the power loader It's been a long time now

  • Can’t wait for nxt episode

  • So you're not going to talk about WOT's younger, better brother WOT blitzs?

  • yo PART 11 pls:(

  • I love this project. I get it in terms of the cost, but kind of disappointed for not using legs

  • For treads you should look up morooka tracked dump trucks and use that for tracks

  • Legs

  • Part 11

  • So you are making the Kenner version of the ALIENS Power Loader.

  • Hippity hoppity this is now the us military's property

  • dude looks like Captain America

  • A few flaws, sorry, arm length will it reach far enough after equipping to a tread drive assembly to lift anything. Other flaws; weight in drive section otherwise it tips forward or turtles once load is put on. And finally, weight can once it's assembled can it handle itself or will it be a statue. The last item isn't the same as the same as the second as it deals with mobility not balancing a load.

  • Why did you screw a really cool bild with treads

  • Use legs it's bad ass and looks better

  • Did you do that threads are useless but I know they’re saving money but legs are better they look better looking

  • The legs would've been so much cooler, but that's not gonna stop me from watching this project until the end.

  • Were is part 11?

  • I wanted legs 🦵

  • This is pretty long project hey? Any updates?

  • legs!

  • its been three months i thought you guys had everything set

  • glad my 60 dollars i spent on world of tanks went to this

  • Hey Hacksmith how about next time you do a multi episode project at the end of the episode tell us when we may be able to find the next episode of it.

    • And if II is to hard that’s okay

  • Make it with legs no excuses

  • build the JAGER from pacific rim PLZ!

  • Pooo

  • I feel good about my sense of this project. From the beginning, I said they could build the PowerLoader.

  • did you know war thunder has a bigger range of tanks and useable machine guns?

  • HiStOrIcAlLy AcCuRaTe TaNk GaMe Literally shows a tank flying over a hill a 50 miles an hour to ambush another tank*

  • When the fuck is this done!

  • I can’t help but think this video (not trying to be rude) was for nothing. I can understand that it takes a while but if you already decided why didn’t you just tell us the pros and cons then talk about your recent development.

  • Is this the last part

  • Electromagnet Booties, As its working on a steel hull in space.

  • what a massice disapointment, honnestly expected by the hacksmith to cheap out and just "finish the project" its not a power loader... you have the capability and could have been the first real power loader in history, instead you shit on the ALIEN name and turned it into a treadr loader. such a shame, cant follow this BS anymore. WHAT A SHAME!

  • Part 11?

  • 11:13 nice voice crack

  • Look at the shirrt people!

  • Señor Hacksmith On behalf of all your fans when your Power-Loader is finished please attach Zarya’s Cannon onto it’s arm, and then shoot Bogdan Yours truly Me

  • WHEN WILL THE NEXT UPDATE COME (part:11) ????its been almost 3 months

    • @Hacksmith Industriesum sorry if i seemed to be nagging ..the power loader is my most fav project yet

    • Before Christmas. Don't nag. It's a complicated project

  • But you can use two legs with huge weels and gyroscope i think it would be awesome.

  • They need a longer base, or long feet.

  • I'm convinced there are some electronics/gyroscope technologies already out there, that would help these iron beasts balance themselves. You have concentrated on genius level hardware, but even Furrion pilots manually switch the hydraulic valves. Maybe Ben Heck or Element 14 could help. -If I was building the Power Loader. I would use small tank tracks, but on (limited) articulating legs 8:16 "Tregs". You can hide them under boots. The machine that lays concrete road curbs has the perfect sized hydraulic treads. However your idea is better.

    • Just before Christmas, picking up the track loader tomorrow :)

    • @Hacksmith Industries I can't wait for the next episode, to see how the tracks work out. Should be soon right?

    • The issue is you can't get tiny treads rated for 10,000+lbs! Furrion is manual because they want it that way -- it could certainly be controlled with a computer if they wanted to :) Ours the physics just doesn't line up. The fictional design is just far too top heavy, and when picking up a load it would be impossible to keep balanced. Legs could work but it would be a statue

  • um where's part 11

  • Dare to be diff. Set yourself apart.

  • do Mandalorian

  • ayeeee British Columbia repreSENT


  • Tracks??? So we're going with Kenner style.

  • Liars

  • If you do treads it's just a shitty skid steer

  • Why not do both

  • Legs with this weight could be dangerous for the pilot. You are stuck in a heavy box of metal, who will receive the energy from this falling down robot? Drive a tractor without any seat to understand.

  • Maybe one day you will build a Power Loader with legs. I was going to say to meet up with Boston Dynamics on the legs.

  • is that an odst helmet behind him?!

  • So... arm-mounted light sabers?

  • Restart the aliens power loader project

  • world of tanks (WORLD OF TANKS) WOT worldoftanks w o r l d o f t a n k s

  • I want dual coil guns capable of 1,000 rounds per minute! Lolol

  • Plz do part 11

  • why not tread legs

  • Is it possible to make an walking AT-ST?

  • cold you guys make a power armor ? thx!

  • i want legs