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0:00 James Talks Hoverboards
2:07 Jimmy Talks Magnets
3:26 Eddy Currents Coming Into Play
4:15 How To Maximize Magnet Strength
5:00 James Is In A Game!!!
5:59 Jimmy Designs and Builds The Wheel
7:09 Testing The Prototype
8:05 Designing The Board
8:49 Make It Real!
10:40 Balancing The Wheels
11:14 In The Next Episode!
11:33 Explosion
12:00 Outro
After Dark by PYLOT
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So Fine by Maksym Murashko
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Odin’s Ghost by Stephen Walking
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  • Play Monster Legends for free today ► monsterlegends.onelink.me/X4Sc/TheHacksmith -- the first game to feature a Hacksmith Monster!

    • This was my idea

    • Make a ghostbusters proton pack

    • The thing they didn't get wrong with the 2015s and 2000s and stuff is the fact that technology boomed

    • no, sellout

    • Why not do it better with magnetism since at the moment of having the same polarity a magnet repels itself causing a magnetic field to arise that keeps it separate from the magnet making it possible to float like magic pens that float in the same way , I have not always had that idea in my mind, please check this comment. And their channel with all the inventions they make are great although in the lightsaber they could have it with the laser of those that burn not the ones that aim making it have a greater power but concentrating it in a point so that something bad does not happen but good I am still being a 15 year old boy hehe.

  • It's nothing that matter hacksmith industry it's just matter of time for them to overthrow Marvel and star wats

  • The mask guy and the owl guy are HRwikir and some more

  • He called us bitch

  • Well we’re going we don’t need roads

  • Hey why was the fire caused?

  • Can your hoverboard hover on water as it did in the movie?

  • I like that he explained the science behind the project

  • Jimmy is awesome!

  • I like the new kid. You should keep him.

  • create the mandalorian sniper

  • real shit

  • English Doc.

  • Please can you make me a hover board please it's my birthday and all i want is a hover board.

  • 6:36 wow that musica from rocket league

  • You guys do more than lots of labs

  • [Subway surfers intensifies]

  • Using this stuff do u think u can make a cat bed that can hover

    • It’s been a dream since I was a lil kit

  • Plot Twist: He’s the son of Albert Einstein

  • Est-ce que c’est possible d’acheter des choses que vous faites

  • i got a commercial for an electric skateboard lol

  • Something actually exploded

  • No one else is talking about how how he's just making that guy do all his dirty work

  • Hey you should make the mandalorian armor

  • ._. I got a Useless monster ...

  • Ah yes the hacksmith the creator of most of the meme templates I use

  • October 21, 2015 was my 17 birthday, making me the same age as Marty McFly Jr.

  • Like the new guy also. Keep him! Personality, smart, and build a net gain fusion reactor!!! Lol

  • S R B And making the precision parts might take a minute / .../ But a design I was seeing / was a multi stacked cog// / like a center hud / a ring or magnet 🎯 / even in counter rotation / if need be // //

  • You look like a lion

  • 4:45 please tell me that was accidental that would make it so much funnier

  • goblin glider, right now.

  • i watched this in class. in class, i watched a hacksmith video. is nice


  • How does this work? Because science Bit**!

  • ÆUGH

  • Critics: hoverboards can't be made. Hacksmith: I am inevitable

  • Can someone help me out here, what was the plate they used to put under the hoverboard

  • Did he say that skateboards bend? ... must have been a kryptonics board.

  • yeahh i like this guy

  • Why did you use the aluminum plates as a floor?

  • when the dunce bot doesnt help put out the fire. lol

  • i like Jimmy!

  • Can you kickflip tho?

  • Nice beard james

  • When will all his inventions be a thing u can acc buy

  • Science make me go YES

  • Great Scott hacksmith, this is perfect.

  • The good thing about this channel is that they always explain the science behind their creations.

  • 8:49 He said the thing!

  • Yooo 0:55 that's when I turned 10 woop woop

  • Man i love Jimmy

  • Your my favorite youtuber you'll improve the future I know it

  • 4: 45

  • Keep the new guy he swears.

  • I’ve watched all the back to the future 1 2 and 3

  • 3:50 how is this possible,cuz of *science* bitch

  • 11:22 whattttttt?

  • make the thunderbus from thundermans

  • "I'm gonna make out with my mom" -Record Scratch- It's a joke, right?

  • Bruh this man gonna lead the country one day

  • i love this, and am equally sad at how far behind we are.

  • I would like to sponsor you, how do I contact you?

  • Another loo student that actually saw the job on WaterlooWorks but studies CS so can only look from afar.

  • Hi

  • 3:53 hows this possible be cause of science bleep I'm dead

  • The 3.7k dislikes are the people who think the dude is actually gonna make out with his mom.

  • Your vids are great, but just pointing out, hoverboards do exist. They only float about an inch of the ground though.

  • 3:53 michael reeves asian version

  • This right here is the industry that will suply toys for the rich community in a few years trust me I know what im saying

  • Cool

  • Hello James we want to lego ninjago weapons pls

  • I watch this and I remember that video of Tony Hawk riding a hoverboard.

  • This is Epic !

  • james doesent really do much hacksmithing anymore

  • Make a back to the future car

  • Monster legends has two different Mr. Beast monsters!

  • That 'great scott' remix is brilliant xD

  • Someone needs to hire this man

  • "Because of, SCIENCE BITCH!" i like this intern, keep him. xD

  • FINALLY somebody is doing it.

  • Lexus (yes, the car company) already did this about 5 or 6 years ago. They even built a skatepark with it.

    • @Hacksmith Industries oh! 👍got it 👌

    • different design, used super conducting magnets

  • I liked the physics class

  • How the hell did you grow a beard so fast

  • Except for the commercial in the middle, this was a great video. My two favorite parts, making and balancing the magnet wheels.

  • I’m actually glad one of the test failed, one of the best parts of being an engineer is the failure, and then the perseverance to keep going and completing the assignment. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

  • I would have a pretty damn good hands for spining that magnet U dont need machines when u have me

  • Lol That game has a few other youtubers in its game

  • Shut up and take my MONEY !!!

  • Cmon eat the tomatoes 🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅

  • I like him

  • Have ya'll ever thought about making a Green Lantern power ring?

  • i cant believe it i thought of an idea simmilar to this when i was younger !!! this is soooooooo cooooooooooool

  • I wanna keep him, i wanna see him more😅

  • Looks like it was a failure that time.

  • Great Scott...

  • Can you please trim the beard

  • "because of science bitch"🤣🤣🤣🤣


  • 6:32 was that an Insane Clown Posse reference? haha