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0:00 Intro
0:58 What are we making?
2:09 Time to build the Launcher!
3:34 Bench Testing
4:13 Sponsor
5:26 Building the Gauntlet!
9:52 It's done
10:25 Fuse's Training Session
13:43 All a dream?
I'm Gonna Fly by Todd Herfindal
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Can't Stop This Train by Taylor Coggins
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Manifest by Pegboard Nerds
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Flatline by Skifonix
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Fight by Tokyo Machine
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Steadicam - Removu K1 ► bhpho.to/2N9lDQq
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  • Download Apex Legends today on PC (Origin, Steam) PS4 and Xbox one ► x.ea.com/67674 #ApexLegendsPartner #ApexLegends #makeitreal

    • Or maybe some other contents in the game like one of Octanes Jump pad

    • You've played the game right, so you know about the heirlooms. It would be awesome if you guys would make the heirlooms but they had some Hacksmith flare.

    • Ey hello

    • @Grant Trandum They have not 10000000000 IQ. They are clever, but not THAT clever

    • Can you make a mandalorian sniper rifle? That should be awesome!😀

  • There is no better advertisement for Apex than these guys. xD

  • surprised you can't make guns but you can make lasers, flamethrowers, and an 800psi water gun trident

  • Technically you already have built this in a way because you guys built the iron man arm the could shoot rockets

  • "all i gotta do chop of my arm"

  • bu adam yapıyor abi helal

  • Could you make Octane's butterfly knife, please?

  • Dis is cool

  • im con"fuse"d

  • I pray for the person who attempts to rob them

  • HACKSMITH: SPONSORED BY EA Me: that do be some money you get doe..

  • YEEE

  • Its a freaking nerf gun lmao

  • Fuse is basically Michael bay on drugs

  • Soooo where can I buy this?

  • cool gun

  • hello

  • If in future you gets some more gagdet i think u make full armor😂😂 nyc

  • Watch those Wrist Rockets!

  • Ian: casually triggers air canister with Mando’s Beskar Spear

  • zaralarsson

  • This is a good example of why the us is better for stuff like this you could make it real and a gun would be way more cool

    • I’m surprised we didn’t have to pay extra or wait 3 hours to watch the test

  • Casualy shoot's a Computor screen

  • When he played the guitar, he played The Beatles "Strawberry Hills"

  • Guy:Breaks into warehouse the 10 different bogdins: *becomes mcu*

  • Really thought he’d say dirty deeds done cheap and hides behind a door to bring another version of him self

    • your team and you are so much like him

  • that is nice i like that can you make something from call of duty battle royale?

  • This is the best crossover this year so far


  • Not sure why James is still in the videos doesn't look like he does much. If anything I'd like the builders to test the gadget. Literally just chills and tests the gadgets, I'm betting he's just bankrolls the projects and pretends to act cool.

  • When doing projects like these, I think it would be good to hire someone who loves the game, knows the lore and is really passionate about it,.

  • Wuahaha the ending tho.

  • Jacket made in Pakistan I'm from Pakistan much love.

  • Apex that was the name of the br that EA killed

    • @Mustafa Şükrü İlhan you are right it's just on life support

    • Apex is not dead tho

    • that has 7K subs and some more with like 20 subs etc...


  • doomguy's flame belch from doom eternal. do it. pls >:)

  • I’m surprised we didn’t have to pay extra or wait 3 hours to watch the test

  • Ask Miss if you try and make salads we tractable helmets and like a suitcase and Iron Man glove watch gloves that I am does

  • Caleb looks just like someone from a YA-novel movie. Someone that acts like a jerk to the protagonist then ends up being good after all. I cannot for the life of me tell who I'm thinking of. I cannot stop thinking about this, somebody please help

  • I'm here from instagram playapex

  • your team and you are so much like him

  • you should make a video featuring elon musk others youtubers have done it

  • Finally a apex one

  • They should make a mini titan from the game titanfall2.

  • It’s not make it real now it’s make it real in a dream

  • Seems like it would have been easier to have worked up an actual spring loaded arc star thrower.

  • Bild a tablet

  • Fuse: Throws grenades further that anyone This arm: Even a kid can throw further than this

  • can you make me a touch screen foldable ps5 console? pleasee

  • Woww that was so sickk

  • Wait a sec, you guys are originally named “make it real”?? Cause I searched the name in YT and categorised it as a channel and it said your channel first and only another one that has 7K subs and some more with like 20 subs etc...

  • When he walks he looks like a fuse so sick 🔥

  • Do more apex legends stuff plz 😍

  • Why dont you make it into a grappiling hook, you already would have a way to attach a hook, all you would have to do is probally make it shoot further with more pressure, attach a rope to the hook, and make it really sturdy and retractable, it would be cool to because you dont have to make it in a liitle case, you can extend the components across the arm,

  • 12:46 I think it’s not fuse it’s Bangalore 🥴

  • Guns are not all prohibited in Canada. Certain models and variants are but too say guns are prohibited is incorrect.

  • Did you know you can put someone eye with that?

  • I love apex legends love the video! 💥

  • ea

    • Fuse : "If there's dirty deeds need to be done, ill do em dirt cheap" Me : HE SAID IT! HE SAID THE THING

  • EA has enough money to sponsor videos like this, but won't spend money to make their servers better. Makes sense

    • The machine at the beginning of this video was so cool and funny!I think it have a very high price

  • high tier cosplay

  • Ur playing a song called flatline, hmmmm that couldn’t have been a coincidence

  • Not to sound nit picky or anything but he didn’t even play the game you can see he still has the tutorial selected at 3:57

  • You should make Beyblade

  • Hey hacksmith give CloudNone a shout out for using one of their songs! 9:42

  • I want to see them to make wall-e

  • You guess should use the spring for recoil when shooting the darts

  • Is it just me, or does fuse sound just like the clones from the clone wars series

  • this whole team is amazing

  • Some could say at the end he was con-Fuse-d

  • you guys could have done better...

  • try either an attack on titan odm (omni directional manuver gear) or the attachable blades

  • Wow spectacular

  • The machine at the beginning of this video was so cool and funny!I think it have a very high price

  • Fuse : "If there's dirty deeds need to be done, ill do em dirt cheap" Me : HE SAID IT! HE SAID THE THING

  • you should make a flying bed

  • Why does the gernade remind me of the Holy Hand gernade of Annetoc from Monty Python search for the Holy grail.

    • Me when there is a new hacksmith video: This is my favorite part. Exiting!

  • My first build ever was a computer do we have to abuse the electronics come on.

  • Could you make a armband with a flamethrower on it or it shoots fireballs

  • Make a star wars version of it, - watch those wrist rockets

  • I'm from Tamilnadu , Chennai . Watching since 2yrs🤩

  • Idea for next project: Flaming katana from fallout 4 „Shishkebab”

  • This is the first time ya'll have just made a nerf gun and stuck it on a gauntlet😂

  • Bright side: Its possible to make a lightsaber Hacksmith: What what u talking about man

  • That monitor is the new nokia

  • Can you do a gaming video

    • Fuse sounds like a weird lazarbeam

  • Am I the only one who wants a hacksmith gaming channel/twitch?

  • You should make next is Green goblin helmet 😀😀😀😀😀

  • pog

  • Now make wraiths portals...

  • @Hacksmith Industries I feel you can make better lightsaber then you're proto-saber by using a Jacob's ladder method and high powered magnet filled tungsten rods using those hopefully to draw the plasma up in a beam shape

  • Me when there is a new hacksmith video: This is my favorite part. Exiting!

  • Hey 21th century tony Stark

  • I would love to join you in future

  • Make the lament from destiny

  • this would be the weapon shop in the zombie apocalypse

  • if there was ever a zombie apocalypse I would come here

  • Tank missle

    • That’s was FREAKING AWESOME 🔥🔥🔥

  • Gun are ilegal in cannada so we have to use rocket arms instead. Make sens.

    • Can you shop with you😁😂

  • where you put the money to support your inventions ? i love your work, god job