Exoskeleton Curls WORLD RECORD! (9M SUB VIDEO!!!)

Datum objavljivanja: 9. Srp 2020.
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0:00 Teaser
0:58 Intro
2:00 Giveaway
2:24 Sponsor Message
4:02 Elysium Exo Recap
8:09 Where is the Exo now?
8:16 New Exo Test
8:44 Lift!
9:15 World Record Curl?
10:08 Thank You Fans!
12:28 What's Next for the Hacksmith?
13:10 Biggest Giveaway Ever!
13:44 Outro
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    • Text Miss can you make me Thors hammer but which is the all the infinity stones on it

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  • Something about this rig bothers me. There is no input or trigger switches on the suit itself to engage the air pressure powering it. Meaning that the hose going off screen is what is providing the force and is controlled by someone else. A proper exoskeleton would be taking input from the pilot to move in tandem with the pilot. here he has to wait for someone else to start the jacks lifting then help with his own strength. it should be the other way around. If I'm reading this wrong, please let me know.

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