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    • i want to to see you all making an emp

    • What a loser. Doesn’t even have a Mark V or a War Machine suit!

    • 3

    • You guys should make the god of war leviathan axe and the blades of chaos

    • yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

  • When Robert downy jr whatches and is I could bye this from him

  • You are a person that can literally make impossible possible

  • 8:14 welcome to canada

  • There's only One question Hack Smith........ Are you alive?

  • You guys have some great Iq and lifes.

  • You guys should do a collab with Jlaservideo! That would be next level

  • Damn ! I am Gonna Join The Hacksmith Once I Complete My Studies For Sure !

  • I actually wanna know how much thai ppl would be watching these english vids

  • Do scooper from fnaf 5. It's will be so EPIC

  • I want u to try to make all this

  • Still amazing

  • Man among us we indians play..

  • You saved my quarentine

  • So cool

  • You guys have to make a iron man suit you got to

  • Please make a rocket shoes

  • Aye when you make the arc reactor that really works and need someone to test it on I'll gladly be your gunnie pig as well Picard's poatronic heart I have congestive heart failure and I always of receiving both of them and nanites too

  • Not being mean or anything boy if you wanna feel like Tony Stark do you have to work alone just saying

    • He only worked alone on his Iron Man suit in the beginning... Stark Industries is a billion dollar company with 10's of thousands of employees...

  • When are you making more videos

  • Can u build a helicopter

  • all please read this! USA, china, and Russia technologies in 2077 vs hacksmith in 2077(with some 99999× powerful lightsabers, real iron man costume , 10000x more stronger other metals than only titanium! and other more....) who is better and winner pls comment!

  • Man got a diamond play button and really decided to cut it in half with a lightsaber...

  • The lightsaber is still their greatest invention so far Along with the Hoverboard

  • You should invite mr beast to do something with lightsaber

  • 😍😍😲😲😲

  • Can you make me a Utan metal gloves side of it so that can bend water if that’s alright

  • I love The rewind

  • I saw those sandals and knew who it was right away

  • Hello you got me started on electronics and engineering, im 13 so thanks for all you do. (I'm French so excuse me for the mistakes)

  • Make chaos chaos blades from God of war

  • is it steave rogers

  • hey hackmisth try to make a eletric propulsor for a better future

  • Laugh a rocket Smith team..

  • You should make a gyrosphere from jurassic world

  • why don't you try to build an EMP

  • wow i love it

  • 👁👄👁

  • Prepare for spider-man web shooter Very very strong

  • 4:02 When You Realise You Mom Took Your Breakfast

  • Can you enter battlebots or a canadian version if there is one If only robot wars was still on You could make the lightsaber its weapon, as fights are 3 minutes long

  • Yaaah, it’s rewind time

  • You can make iron spider sout in nano tangling

  • You can make edit

  • Can you made rasengan or chidori

  • Please make hololens 2

  • Wowww awwwesome

  • How cool would it be og they made an anematronic from fanaf?

  • Phineas and Ferb: not bad kid

  • Could you build the T-60 Power Amor from Fallout with a power source equal in size to the fusion core it uses in the game?

  • You should make spaider man’s hand’s I hope you know what I mean 🤞

  • This is the only channel where you know if its a sponsored video its gonna be the best

  • At this point they can basically take over the world

  • They should definitely do a fight between all their weapons (with the appropriate safeties ofc)

  • He can make iron man suite but he need money 🥺🥺

  • Make a BB-8 out of titanium.

  • Vc pode fazer uma arma para mim

  • Nice job dude you can make good future with that all item

  • Hi I'm from Iran and I want to buy some thing from your store .lm so sad ..please can you do some thing for lran.

  • Hacksmith went from looking like iron man to infinity war captain America, legitimately jealous

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if he tries to build a plasma mini gun like from fallout

  • Can you build a ray gun

  • Can you make a ray gun

  • I have a big question, does the military ever asked you to build something for them?

  • Hack smith can literally become a super hero if he wanted to

  • Aaah I want that cyber truck 🥺

  • the only team can survive zombie apocalypse:

  • Hey hack Smith can you make me awatch that can make me invisble

  • Thank you guys for the videos and the ideas I’m excited for this new year and what you guys will come up with good luck

  • oneokrock

  • can you make gills to breathe under water

  • Can you plzzz make sanji’s flame kick

  • Thnx for telling us ur age James

  • This guy's video are completely amazing this guy deserves 1 billion subscribers

  • Jet canoe this is Canada don’t catch me slippin up

  • You can be a super hero with all your stuff

  • Build a web shooter Spiderman

  • Tools and moneybare necessary for building things but leave it great work hacksmith.

  • What a fantastic group of geniuses

  • do you like star wars and lego?

  • The imminent asparagus correspondingly wait because step-mother densply claim but a obedient pail. open, bad editor

  • girl

  • To be continued! 1:20

  • I love ur videos can u make an rc chinook like syma ch 47

  • Funding from Elon Musk is the next thing he needs.

  • fanny vidoe ! sbroscibe !

  • leafyishere

  • anwarjibawi

  • Y'know... this came out on the same day as the 10th anniversary of Ninjago... just sayin'

  • Hacksmith can cut his beard using his lightsaber

  • Imagine hacksmith and mark rober

  • I challenge u can't make hokay arrow and bow

  • Can you make an iron man mark 2 suit for 10 year old

  • do you want to try to make a 3d maneuver. weapons in the anime attack on titan

  • Ano... Can you create something to help humans run on the surface of the water? Maybe the shoes?

  • I found out how to make a lightsaber not a proto saber an actual lightsaber

  • Bild the darth vader mask pls

  • Unbreakable box plssß

  • 4 12:26