DIY Silver Surfer Surfboard goes SUPER FAST!

Datum objavljivanja: 1. Lis 2020.
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0:00 Teaser
0:22 Cool part of being a HRwikir
1:07 History & Science of Jetboards
2:40 Bench test
3:05 Learn with KiwiCo!
4:19 Water bench test
4:50 Time to build!
5:10 Quest for a silver surfboard
5:53 Vinyl magic
7:40 Putting it all together
9:30 Electronics
11:00 It's done!
11:25 Testing
12:25 The Silver Surfer
13:30 Outro
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It's Magic by Jaymes
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Amped Adapter by Marc Robillard
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Overheat by Diego Martinez
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Get Steeper by Marc Robillard
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  • Curious about how Power (kW or HP) is measured and compared? Power is the amount of work a motor or engine can do. This is why people compare vehicles HP with other vehicles HP! Power is a factor of both torque and RPM, which means you can have a low speed car with big torque, or a high speed car with little torque, even though both cars have the same HP! The equation is KW = (Torque[Nm]×RPM) / 9565 In our case, because our motor powers a jet pump, it has fairly low speed of a few thousand RPM but lots of torque to move water. One more thing makes it tricky! Electric motors are sometimes quoted for their INPUT power, but an electric motor is only 80-95% energy efficient, which means the output power is less 5-20% less the input power. Want to learn more? The internet is your friend! Search these terms on Google and you'll be able to learn even more :)

    • Hi

    • I learned it through the four constants of racing. Understeer is when the front of your car hits the wall. Oversteer is when the back of your car hits the wall. Horsepower is how fast you hit the wall. Torque is how far you move the wall.

    • Expose been watching this for ever since the start

    • A friend of mine has one of those original motor.

    • Hi

  • make working odm gear!

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  • I come from Thailand

  • I like this video because the cameraman is involved

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  • I’m currently working on an exo suit but I need a 3D printer and I don’t have one😢😭

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  • what about 2 motors too much power or double the fun

  • honestly i realy liked the idea putting magnets on a hover board and after watching this vid it made me think why not use this motor and make a hover board out of a drone mechanism and controls gyroscopicaly. p.s. ive always dream of being a engineer but cant afford it so im just stuck with these ideas about connecting things one after another

    • im just hoping to get a job im stuck at being nothing at my country

    • its just that im rich with these imaginations striking on my brain out of nowhere and i think ull gonna need one

  • Where did you get the surf board from and what is it made???

  • Can you please send it to me because I have subscribed and like and coment and hit the bell so please send it to me

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  • What's the motor and jet prop diameter? Will sub for the follow up dual jet drive upgrade!

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  • the end where he went to another planet was real i saw him fly over my house


  • This is such a basic build but one of my favourites yet

  • A 35 hp gasoline engine would have had so much power, that your surf board would have the capability of 100km on the water. It would also be able to refill the fuel tank easily.

  • I said shut up

  • This is still my favorite thing you've ever built. Swear I've watched at least 10 times and every time I think to myself "These need to be mass produced, or at least sold somewhere."

  • Usually I’m used to you making stuff from scratch. This was basically a kit that u put together

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  • I think this would have been much better as a hydrofoil board. Better power delivery with improved hydrodynamics.

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  • I'm only half way through....( I Commented,, Then read a couple comments...)James has a Silver Suit???... with those Arms... Recipe for disaster..

  • love the videos. get my mind thinking. The hoverboard was amazing. Clever Engineering . Hope this floats... I have FAITH

  • cool stuff!! an e-foil would have looked better for a silver surfer though

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  • You're aware that the silver surfer is a bad guy, right?

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  • You guys are the real inspiration for growing engineers . Keep it up

  • I’ve seen leaves move faster on the water than this 🏄‍♂️ surfboard

  • is it possible to have a battery to have 1.21 GIGGAWOTS in it asking for a friend

  • the turbine didnt look like it was shooting directly into the water

  • 11:01 that is like when u log in to need for speed rivals

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  • steve rogers acquiring the cosmic power of silver surfer, nice vid bro!



  • They make the future.

  • If y’all are sayin that this is what super speed looks like then I can run SUPER fast

  • With a fish safe net, this could be used to collect debris in rivers and lakes or just get stuck and we cry

  • 2021 trend is calling for clean trimmed beards and hair. haha

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  • its not super fast but for something like this pretty fast. YES!!!!!!!!!!

  • Didn't go as fast as I thought it would given it's HP, 31 MPH in my opinion is pretty small, but it still looks like a lot of fun, I hope I can eventually do a kit on a skateboard that can go that fast

  • dvyr2l

  • 7:08 *Casually blow torches hand*

  • Soooo, you assembled a kit.. good job. Thanks for the 13 minute commercial.

    • yep, RCLifeOn did a better job without a "kit", he had to do many try and for sure the result is not so "beautiful" but it's for sure much better, and look faster too.

  • NASA was quick to recruit this guy

  • I'm gonna be the guy... $6k+ USD worth of kit components is really pushing the DIY envelope isn't it? It's basically a retail product that hasn't been put together, so you're not paying for labour and the risk of it leaking is on you instead of them lol. It's like the electronics of IKEA furniture... Just really expensive ikea. 22Kw of brushless turbine goodness is still properly cool, I love the video, but I've gotta say it.

  • Where is the link to the motor? where do you buy it from?

  • I want to have this kind of surfboard :D

  • Two 22 Amp batteries can be a little dangerous on water. As for the wires overheating, they have too much resistance for that gauge of wire. I would go 3 sizes larger giving twice the wire diameter but only about half of the resistance. It is the resistance in the wire that is causing the heat. This information comes straight from my Professor in college who is a fully trained and experienced master electrician.

  • do a submarine next

  • silver wrap on the board looks great! :) I appreciate the effort to go all the way... Totally the Silver Surfer. But with a beard. haha.. sweet.

  • should rename this video, hacksmith builds an off the shelf electric surfboard.

  • This is the first Hacksmith video I have seen that they literally bought ever last piece. They didnt laser cut or 3D print anything! lol

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