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0:00 Teaser
0:33 A real retractable lightsaber
3:28 New hilt design
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5:22 Building new hilt
9:07 How does it work?
12:00 Different blade colors?
13:22 Electronics
15:00 Powerpack
16:27 World's First Retractable Lightsaber
17:05 TEST!
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  • 15:08 Alex Karev appear

  • I’m calling it. In ten years these guys will make either a real life proto saber or an actual lightsaber how? Well idk but these guys sure will

  • Can you make it real black panther suit

  • Please make a real life pokèball

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  • Phil swift be like: with the power of flex tape. I cut a hole in an aluminum door using a lightsaber!

  • I thought I could somehow do more than you, but now all hope has gone.

  • Irl tony stark

  • dont play gay games wtf is this gay game AFK is the gayest animine game in the owrld so STOP MAKING THIS CRAP

  • You guys should make a blaster🤷‍♂️

  • They should make a propane lightsaber v.0.a1

  • One day we will, adam received an flamed aword when he got kicked out of the first garden!

  • In a few years they're gonna make the first blaster next Vader's suit and the first Death Star

  • japan: I can make any electronic you want also japan that sees this video: ._.

  • Honestly it woildejt be bad for self defense

  • Next vid be like:we built a real deathstar

  • I want one sooooooo bad

  • "Rey's lightsaber" as if all the Temple Guards didn't have yellow lightsabers way before Rey.

  • можно просто охуеть

  • superb sir

  • Nani!?!?! It's looks real lightsaber cool ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Everyone gangta till Hacksmith Industries build the Death Star

  • 2030: I created the first planet

  • How about a lightsaber tha

  • Sabre de luz iradissimo

  • I bet someone built one just like this a hundred years ago...... by hand!!!!!

  • If this man ever killed anybody with this that means the detective is gonna see a human being split cleanly in two and the autopsy will reveal the person was likely killed with a LIGHTSABER. WHAT THE HELL DO YOU DO?!

  • Make a master sword from legend of Zelda and do the lightsaber but do it in the sword

  • I downloaded afk arena before u sponsor in this VID it's great

  • „This actually hurts to look at. Look at it!“

  • Are they for sale

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  • This is wery instane and you do it

  • dude this is awsome

  • [Lady Bastilla's Thread] [Lower-speech. Official.] [@supbirdy] [Left-blank. Let her control this thread. I did this with her-express premission. She is older than me; this is OK, because she is a literal-Queen of Daggerfall-City and a ⛨Medical Doctor.⛨]

  • Well the good news if you ever needed funds you could rob a bank easy. I'm suprised no omes ever approached you and your team yet for some personal builds lol.

  • Jades learns they WHOLE life to control they eyes to watch lightsabers

  • We can change the colour, look orange/red. And a different chemical, woo orange/red and let's try this woo orange/red 😆 it's a cool build but that bit made me laugh 😅

  • I swear the government is gonna force him to build like a dozen lightsabers

  • Do a test of the titanium tungsten light saber to cut stuff like you did on the plasma one really fantastic and more realistic FANTASTIC JOB JAMES 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Is he the next Einstein

  • Wait so if you could get a strong enough electro magnetic field around the flame/ blade...and you make a second one that could repel that charge...could you then dual?🧐 I’m not a super smart guy and I don’t think it would work but just a sketched thought

  • This proves science is more astonishing than science fiction

  • I’m gunna let Dave handle that Dave: -_- No

  • I can't wait to finish my engineering degree and do stuff like this in my garage xD

  • Dude I really think that all these hacksmiths are from Marvel's dwarf family

  • Hacksmith Industries is literally stark industries of the real world


  • 10:09 *_I use Charcoal, Propane doesn't give meat a rich smoky flavor_*

  • 17:13 its just the mando with a light saber

  • Awesome, I wanna work with you guys! Lol looks like lotsa fun designing and building cool stuff 😁 I love tinkering around in the shop too!

  • You could also use lithium salts for a bright red color

  • I wish he didn’t need to Carry that propane thing on his back

  • I think the hot stick lightsaber is the best cause this lightsaber is just a coulored flame

  • can you turn the color to a dark saber

  • sir why don't we do something that we fit something in the lightsaber like a propane crystal which when combined with certain chemical turns it into the propane beam for some time so u don't have to carry a bag pack all the time . but u will also need something which can handle that amount of heat and the user does not get his hand cut off or somthing

  • All we need is a blaster rifle or the amphan phase rifle

  • kaynak makinası yaptı adam

  • Ik u need a LOT of power to make this work without an external battery pack, but maybe you could try using the arc reactor that you made to see whether it would power it

  • I am too lazy to even think of making a lightsaber

  • Move over Tony Stark

  • Elon M wants to know ur location

  • Woww!! I love it! I would be so proud if I would be able to work on something like that!!!!😍🤩🤩🤩

  • Amazing, this lightsaber is. hehe

  • So you're saying that the only thing standing between me and basic lightsaber is a $4000 nozzle and a couple tanks of compressed gas?

  • This dude is living in 3021

  • 1:46 like those haters could do any better this shit’s amazing

  • I like the intro

  • Hay do you thank that you make a air shooter like avatar the last air bender

  • hi there! lightsaber is great! what about next challenge?! rust laser removal tool! Can You make it?

  • Why are people saying its not even a real lightsaber? Its the closet thing up to this day to a lightsaber.

  • This is the Way....

  • Idea for a movie: Crossover of Steampunk, Star Wars and Ghostbusters. Star-Punk-Busters (?), Steam-War-Busters (?), Ghost-Punk-Wars (?), ... :-) When will You build a working Ghostbusters Proton-Pack?

  • There's no difference between him, his team and Tony Stark

  • Can you please build a laser gun shooting plasma beams like in star wars

  • Pls make the videos more interactive please

  • Not being a hater, would acetylene be a better fuel source than LPG as it achieves a higher temperature without having the volatility of LPG? It had a higher overall maximum temperature and lacks the explosive qualities that LPG comes with. Judging by your overall attention to detail and successful execution I'm guessing you have made an educated decision. Are you able to help me understand your decision making please?

  • Coooool

  • Why do you cut through stuff so slow

  • Wow

  • For comparison, the Earth's core burns at 5200°C, that's pretty hot.

  • Lightsabers are real...I HAVE THE HIGH GROUND!

  • I wanna see u guys make the exact same Excalibur sword from Assassins Creed Valhalla that would amazing to watch

  • Child of Vulcan/Hephaestus right here. Convince me otherwise. I dare you. F i g h t m e

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  • It's still not a lightsaber. Closer than the metal rod, but no cigar! It needs to be made of plasma suspended in a magnetic field.

  • 12:28 This actually hurts to look at, look at that

  • Hebat!! Nice!! すごい !!

  • Today we’ll be powering this lightsaber with propane and propane accessories. Brought to you by Strickland propane

  • 12:53 Samuel L. Jackson: Can I have a purple one?

  • Interested to see what light sabers are gonna be like from 5-10 years now

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